Dry Trim Services

This method is defended as a more caring one. While it is certainly less efficient, it’s argued as being more effective in some cases. Most growers that choose the dry trimming method want to prevent the buds from drying too fast. This makes them more pleasing to smoke and gives them the chance to dry out in their own time. The bigger leaves will coat the buds with constant humidity until the full branch is ready to be smoked.

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Wet Trim Services

Removing the leaves right after the plant is harvested is recommended by a lot of growers. It’s an easier and more practical method, especially for novices. When the leaves are fresh and sturdy, it’s easier to find them and reach inside of the bud to remove the full leaf stem. When wet trimming, the whole process becomes much faster. You’ll only have to dry the buds and not worry about the extra time added by removing the leaves later.

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Packaging Services

We provide accurate and fast measurements. Get it to market faster with our professional trimming service.

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